ED SERNOFF‭ (‬1932‭ ‬USA‭ )‬

Studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts‭ (‬BA‭) ‬and the University of Pennsylvania‭ (‬MFA‭).‬

Awards‭: ‬
The Cresson European Travel Grant‭, ‬the Shiedt European Travel Grant‭, ‬the Wanamaker Watercolor Prize‭, ‬the Thouron Composition Prize from PAFA‭, ‬the first Prize for mixed media from the Riverroads Annual Exhibition in Saint Louis‭, ‬Missouri‭.‬

Works represented in collections in‭: ‬USA‭, ‬France‭ , ‬Holland‭, ‬Germany and Israel‭ .‬

Lives and works in Ein Hod‭ , ‬Artists Village‭, ‬Israel from 1971‭.‬


ed painting


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