Tel: 972-50-5637853
Email:  garti.zvi@gmail.com
For the artist’s work please click here: https://www.facebook.com/zvi.garti/photos_all

Zvi Garti is a member of the Ein Hod artists’ community, located on Mount Carmel, Israel.
His works are shown in Ein Hod’s local gallery.
The artist’s work is an ongoing exploration of inner worlds, feelings and existence.
The representational images he uses are both figurative and abstract and show the influence of the pristine nature that is characteristic of the rural setting of the village in which he lives.
His work style is dynamic and develops according to the dialog he develops with the painting.
Zvi Garti has been a professional artist for more than twenty years.
His work has been shown in art galleries in Israel and abroad.

IMG_2448 IMG_2450 IMG_2476 IMG_2501 IMG_2496 שער ציידי הפרפרים דוב באגם

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