Specializes in constructing big outdoor sculptures around the world.
Tel: +972 4 9841136, +972 50 5924748

Email: dmerhav@netvision.net.il
Website: www.dinamerhav.israel.net

Lives in Artists Village Ein Hod
Works in her sculpture studio in Kibbutz Nir Ezion.

1936 – Born in Yugoslavia.
1949 -Immigrated with her family to Israel, settled in Kiryat Motzkin.
1953-1957 – Studied and Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
Began to work as graphic designer.
1966-1996 – Instructor of graphic design and sculpture, Hadassa Wizo College of Design, Haifa.
1971-1974 – Instructor of graphic design, Art Department, University of Haifa.
1975-1980 – Instructor of graphic design, External Studies, Technion, Haifa.
1984-1985 – Studied sculpture, University of Haifa.
1984 – Participated in a stone sculpture seminar, Pietra Santa, Italy.
Published poetry book For You With Love.
1998 – Received the Herman Struck Prize, Haifa Municipality.

Participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Outdoor Sculptures:
1989 – Cradle, Kiryat Motzkin
Refinement, Oil Refineries, Haifa
Two sculptures, Memorial Site, Sculpture Garden,
Army Ordnance Corps, Natanya
1990-1994 – Sculpture Garden, Oil Refineries, Haifa
1990-1998- Sculpture Garden, Nesher Industries, Haifa
Sculpture Garden, Nesher Industries, Ramle
1992 -Man-Tree-Bird, Neve Ilan Forest near Jerusalem
Sculpture, Memorial Site, Service Corps, near Ben-Shemen
1994-1996 – Sculpture Garden, Nesher Industries, Har-Tuv
1995 – Sculpture Garden, Lime and Stone Industries, Haifa
International Sculpture Symposium, Maalot
1995-1998 -Merhav Nesher Sculpture Industrial Park, Nesher Industries, Haifa
1996 -Angel’s Rest, Sculpture Garden, Caucab Abu El Hidja, Galilee
1997 – Three Wishes, Holon
1998 – Jacobs Ladder, Haifa
Wheels to Heaven, Nesher
Wings of Peace, Geneva, Switzerland
1999 – Dialogue, Carmel Hospital, Haifa
2000 – Look, Givatayim Theater
Six Sculptures, Kfar Saba
2001 -International Sculpture Symposium, Maalot
Gate to Heaven, Tel Aviv University
Wings of Hope, Javne
2002 – Odd Bird, Janko-Dada Museum, Ein Hod
2003 – Angels’ Garden, Sculpture Garden, Ramat Hasharon
Dinozaur, Fish and Bird, Tel Aviv Enigma, Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv
Ancient Bird, Kazir, Harish
Fishing, Yuzi Paradise, Guilin, China
Bird of Paradise, Yueyuanyuan Park, Shanghai, China
2004 – Primordial Creature, Johnson Diversey, Mequon, Wis. USA
Iron Stone Tree, Yavne
Six sculptures, Ort Braude College of Engineering, Karmiel
2005 > Fruit of Paradise, Mr. L. Tenenbaum collection, Toronto, Canada
Carriage, Alternativ Gallery, Jaffa
Angels House, Sculptures Way, Hazerim
2006 – 3 Sculptures, Petah Tikva
3 Sculptures, Ganei Tikva
2007 -Wings of Harmony, Dialogue, Bird Carriage, Coconut Tree,
Bombay, India
Birds, Pardesia
2008 – Totem, Olympic Park, Beijing, China
Lizard, Mr. & Mrs. S. Silvester collection, Jerusalem, Israel
Bird & Fish, Mr & Mrs. M. Sharan collection, Denia, Haifa, Israel
Tong Lizard, Mr. Tony Angel collection, Herzlia, Israel
Primordial Creature, Creatures Heads, Ein Hod, Israel
Happy Family, Sculpture Park, Shuangyang, China
Group of Birds, Sculpture Park Urumqi, Xinjiang District, China
2009 – Enchanted Forest, Transformation Relief, Zagreb, Croatia
2010 – Hug, Creatures Fence, Palmizana, Croatia
Magic Trees, Creatures Carriage, Kitcevo, Macedonia
Five Wings, Couple of Creatures, Ein Hod, Israel
Fowl, China, Nanhu Tangshan International Urban Sculpture Symposium
Natural Movement, (Birds Car) 2010, painted iron, 360x520x220cm. Automotive Park, Changchun, China
2011-Rolling Birds, 2010, painted iron, 550x710x360 cm. Automotive Park, Changchun, China
Earth Water Wind, 2010, iron, 500x600x250 cm. Tayzhou, China
Flight, 2011, Iron 350x270x232 cm. Tsinghua University Sculpture Park, Beijing, China

Selected Articles:

Enchanted by Iron- Irit Miller about Dina Merhav

• Construction and Management of Environmental Sculpture, An essay given by Dina Merhav in the International Sculpture Conference, 2008 in Changchun, China


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