Nadav Bloch


Nadav Bloch was born 1939 in Kibutz Tel Yosef – Israel to parents who immigrated to Israel from Latvia after World War I.
In 1974 he moved to Ein Hod artists colony. Nadav lived life of creativity around the world placing Dialog as the main topic of his artistic work.

In 2011 a year after the fire on the Carmel mountains he passed away.

International art gathering – Elvas Portugal

Manuscripts -Merav culture center Library – Hof Carmel,Israel Singed Manuscripts – University library Haifa University , Israel Singed Manuscripts – International book fair – Jerusalem , Israel

Donme – Following Shabtai Zvi exhibit – Tova Hosman Gallery, Tel Aviv , Israel Group exhibition- The Romanian Culture Center – Tel Aviv , Israel
“Womens day” – Groop exhibit , Tova Osman Gallery , Israel
Tova Osman Gallery Celebrating 30 Years – Group exhibit- Artists association, Tel Aviv, Israel.”Prolog” exhibit – Haifa University Library , Haifa Israel “In the Name…” exhibit- Ein Hod, Israel

Ein Hod Babushka Project – Ein Hod Israel
“Following Shabtai Zvi” exhibit – Ulqin Gallery, Ulqin Montenegro “Following Shabtai Zvi” exhibit –Shkodra University, Shkodra, Albania “Following Shabtai Zvi” exhibit –National Art Gallery., Tirana , Albania “Following Shabtai Zvi” exhibit –Home of the arts, Beer Sheve , Israel

AP international art symposium – Ein Hod , Israel.
Harlech Bianalle and group exhibition – Harlech , Walls, UK. Nexo Art Symposium and group exhibition – Toledo, Spain. Trialog exhibition – VAL Gallery Culture center Bar, Montenegro. Nativ Haor Gallery – Electric company – Haifa , Israel.

Text – Guest Atelier – Dusseldorf Germany
Amen – Universal Gallery – Santiago De Cuba , Cuba.
Scape goat- Santiago De Cuba , Cuba
Amen – Zaffa Gallery – Prishtina – Kossova.
Intermedio – Ambiante Historico Museum – Santiago De Cuba , Cuba
Nexo – International meeting of artists and groop exhibition – Toledo , Spain


Art colony Galichnik- Macedonia
Art colony Joachim Osogovski- Macedonia
Amen- Hiesfeld Church,Dinslaken, Germany Amen-Jewish school, Dusseldorf , Germany Amen-St.Andreas Church, Dusseldorf, Germany Amen- Johannes Church, Dusseldorf, Germany Amen- Lukas Church, Karrst, Germany
More light – Museum Cuzumel Mexico
Mehr Licht – gest atalier dusselldorf Germany
More Light – Centro Dionysia- Villa Picolomini- Rome- Italy

“Mehr Licht” – kultur forum willich- Germany
“Atonement” – Castra Arts and Commercial Center in Haifa
“Manner of Living” – Aharon Chelouch House, Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv, Israel
Via Mare- Centro Dionysia – Villa Piccolomi – Rome -Italy
Via Mare – The Cozumel ́s Museum Mexico

Via Mare – Etage 20 gallery- dusseldorf Germany
Wondering – Museo de la Isla de Cozumel, Mexico
Wondering – Centro Dionysia – Villa Piccolomini, Rome, Italy
The right to anchor – the Navy and Clandestine Museum Haifa, Israel Voyage – Haifa Theater, Israel

Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld, Scotland
The Power of Forgiveness – Centro Dionysia, Villa Piccolomini , Rome, Italy Voyage – Centro Dionysia, Villa Piccolomini , Rome, Italy
Voyage – Castra Gallery, Haifa, Israel
Voyage – The Old City Hall, Kaarst, Germany
Voyage – Uniclinique, University Hospital, Dusseldorf, Germany
Guest Artist Studio, Dusseldorf, Germany
Voyage – Rivierdale YMHA, Riverdale, New York

Voyage -The Ethol Gallery, Dunkeld, Scotland
Via Mare – The Maritime Museum, Shetland, Scotland
Scapegoat Project, Centro Dionysia, Villa Piccolomini , Rome, Italy
The Power of Forgiveness – Atelier Am Eck, Dusseldorf, Germany
The powwer of Forgivness – Papst-Johannes Church, Krefeld, Germany The Power of Forgivness – St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Krefeld, Germany

Painters and Sculptors Associations, Haifa, Israel Castra Gallery, Haifa, Israel
Guest Artist Studio, Dusseldorf, Germany
Chag Hachagim Project, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, Israel
The Grosse Kuntz Ausstelung, Dusseldorf Messe, Germany

Nadav Bloch 1939-2011
A creative artists born in Kibutz Tel Yosef at emek izrael
Founded a foundry for bronze sculptures with expertly in patina.
In 1974 e moved to Ein Hod.
Nadav created  and exhibited his art work in an enchanting voyage threw out the world
among those places were Scotlan  the Shatland islands. the Balkan countries.Italy. Germany Mexico Cuma Israel and more
In the last years his artistic theme of work was the importance of the human dialog and the interfaith in particularly .The different languages and the meaning of the written text.
In Ein Hod he founed artistices events – exhibitions, artists meatings and International arists in residence.Nadav was amomg the founders of The Goldan alf ritual which take place at Ein Hod every pesach.


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