New Exhibition – Rinat Shaina Davidovich / Touching Time

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Rinat Shaina Davidovich / Touching Time
Curator: Daniella Talmor
The photographs of Rinat Shaina Davidovich have been made in a process of partial exposure with the emphasis on the missing. The artist initially photographed objects resembling fossils she made out of castings of concrete, sand, stone and other building materials. She then photographed images of seemingly human fossils using masks she herself made by casting concrete and other materials in molds of heads.
Standing on the floor at the center of the exhibition is a circular object covered in wax and seemingly shaped like a water well. Into the masses of wax created in a Sisyphean labor of dripping melted candle wax the artist immersed cast concrete heads resembling fossils, thus casting a foundation of eternity for a fixed but degradable organic world located in the intermediate domain between existence and nonexistence. However, even though the concrete heads are the only stable objects liable to withstand degradation they themselves are mostly hardly visible. The works thus exhibit a duality such that whatever is overt has almost passed away whereas whatever is covert is destined to remain forever.
The artist works in the field of art that lies in the intermediate domain between architecture and the plastic arts. Coming from the field of architecture, she engages creatively in the relationships between work processes by manipulating media and diverse variegated materials. The figurative dimension is present in the majority of the artist’s fields of creativity. Images of faces and body parts are formed by hybridization and trials with materials. The photographed material represents the sensitive or spiritual metaphysical whereas the mold and the frame represent the fixed restricted physical. The artist views the works as a hybrid that prevents taking these foundations apart.
Rinat Shaina Davidovich describes herself as an ambivalent person leading a twosome life in a double inward outward world. For her art serves as a means of expressing her unique internal world. Her entire work stretches across the gap between the material and the non-material. The exhibition Touching Time deals with material frozen in time, raising issues of border, transience and biodegradation.
Daniella Talmor, March 2015

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