Avivit Segal / Traces


Curator: Daniella Talmor

The photographs in the exhibition Traces of the artist Avivit Segal focus on the meeting between concrete photography and abstract imagery. The white expanse incurred by overexposure is of great significance in her work. It mediates between the physical and the metaphysical worlds, between the overt and the covert. Manifesting a missing presence the space simulates silence between words on the one hand but strengthens the images themselves on the other hand.

In the quest for nothingness Segal seeks to imprint traces on the landscape, to achieve timeless clarity and condensation, which implicitly make the images resemble paintings. The white photographs create a dateless placeless reality that can be disassembled and reassembled at will.

Each work in the exhibition autonomously represents solely itself but presenting the works jointly diverts the viewer’s gaze from the specific individual to the ensemble. Grouped together the photographs form a rich mosaic of personal photographs magnificently designed and revitalized by the artist.

Photography, a central contemporary medium, can document specific times and places but it can also create and direct new realities. In her work, Avivit Segal demonstrates her observational skills, her talent for decoding reality, and her ability to arouse emotion and reflection.
Daniella Talmor, January 2015

  • אביבית--1-צילום,-2014