New Exhibition: Danielle Feldhaker / Trace Marks

דניאל פלדהקר-הזמנה

Curator: Daniella Talmor

The works of Danielle Feldhaker create tension between the figurative images and the abstract brushstrokes. Trace Marks, the brush marks are a type of echo of the city’s buildings, remnant of the urban mass, the construction, the destruction, the growth, the withering, and the unceasing life and death in it.

The landscapes in the paintings of Feldhaker are intrinsically enigmatic. They might be the fruits of her imagination or originate perhaps in visualized scenes, recalled from the past and engraved in her memory, which she now endows with her personal interpretation. Be that as it may, the colorful and to a large extent abstract paintings also comprise figurative allusions that express her inner world. Feldhaker initially created entirely abstract works incorporating geometric elements dealing with the limits of shape and color side-by-side with free paintings of sunsets, sea, sky and blossoming. In the exhibition Traces she creates a synthesis of styles displaying free paintings inspired by an urban landscape with the tumult of the city as well as the graffiti on the walls – and the flowering bursting forth from the concrete screens.

The works in the exhibition are creating an aura of sensitivity, color and movement that turn the space into a kind of installation of painting inviting the viewer to enter and blend with it. The paintings reflect the diverse spiritual attitudes, sometimes momentary, impulsive and intensive, in which they were created. The artist always begins her work in the studio with some kind of defined concept and intention, though the final result inevitably differs from the original plan. The flow of her work demands changes that lead to new horizons. Her artistic work, devoid of existing rules and regulations, follows the flow of imagination and material.

The works displayed in the exhibition are painted in acrylic and oil with thick brushes that enable the artist to express expanse, size and movement. Feldhaker sometimes uses graffiti-appropriate spray paints that contribute to the urban ambience. The paintings in the exhibition as a whole present a powerful means of expression, a new language of rich and highly controversial landscape endeavoring to expose itself and burst forth.

Danielle Feldhaker paints abstract urban landscapes from a unique metaphoric perspective. Deletions of color in the paintings reveal, on the one hand, the imaginary city buildings and urban mass as well as the unceasing urban construction and growth that exist there; on the other hand, they also expose the budding of delicate flowering through the concrete screens. The schematic line alluding in the paintings to images of women, flowers, leaves and trees does not refer only to physical flowering revealed in the city but also to trace Marks of the human life flourishing within it. Together with the black graffiti denoting hardship and suffering the paintings also express optimistic moments of ever growing calm and integrity amidst the nefarious din. Therefore they hold within themselves a great promise for growth. This promise is the source of the hope, the beauty and the splendor of the paintings.

Daniella Talmor, March 2015

דניאל פלדהקר-סימני עקבות