Ein Hod Main Gallery – Ayelet Shefer – “Not So Square”

Ein Hod - Main Gallery

This exhibition centers on the power and energy of the “square.”  Like the circle, the triangle and the rectangle, the square is a classical, mathematical motif that has fascinated artists throughout the history of art.  While no two artists have ever dealt with the square in the same exact way, they have all been intrigued with the common problems the square challenges; i.e. what is the relationship of the square, so pure and basic in form, to the space in which it exists – the constant battle between the square and the space as to which will have the upper hand.  How many squares do one paintwithin the dimensions of the given space on which he is working?  How to change the square into forms that are still squares but present other faces.  How the square, two dimensional, transforms itself into the three dimensional.  How the “static square” creates movement.

In using the squareas the artists’ basic “subject” he allows himself a freedom that divorceshim from all “reality” and its known obligations.  No longer “tied” to an object before his eyes, his imagination can take him into new, unknown territories.  The square allows him to enter the mystical bond between artist and the act of painting.  He begins to see not only spatial but color relationships that painting the “object” seldom affords him.  With the object out of the way, so to speak, he can engage in a more “pure” form of painting.  There is nothing now between him and the act of painting.

The colors pouring into those squares and the spatial relationships will dictate the success or failure of the painting; its completion becomes apparent through the painting rather than when the artist has decided, “it’s done.”

Ayelet Shefer, Ein Hod, October 2013