Chamber Concert: Ari Erev Jazz Trio “Lights in Your Window”

Ari Erev Jazz Trio
“Lights in Your Window”
16:30 Saturday, 27.12.2014 at
Israeli Songs in Modern Jazz Modes
Ari Erev – Pianist, Composer |  Daniel Ben Hurin – Bass |  Gideon Pesachov – Percussion


The program features fresh and rich Jazz arrangements to cardfully selected “Classic Repertoire” of Israeli songs composed by some of the best composers of Israeli popular music – composers such as Alexander (“Sasha”) Argov, Shalom Hanoch and Nurit Hirsh).
The new arrangements provide a fresh perspective on these songs, which is influenced by Modern Jazz.
Tunes such as “The Policeman Ballad (theme from the film “Ha-Shorter Azoulai”, by Nurit Hirsh), Lights in your window (Argov), and Song with No Name.
A few Latin tunes from central America (Cuba, Mexico) as well as a number of original compositions, complete this diversed and colorful program.

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