“Artists OdessAviv” – New exhibition in Ein Hod’s Beit Tarbut





“Artists OdessAviv”

Curator: Xenia Petrischenko

Opening: 15th April 2014  – End of the exhibition: May 1st, 2014

For the first time in connection to the international festival “OdessAviv” we launch a unique exhibition of artists from Odessa. The concept of the festival is to show Odessa’s culture in Israel. This exhibition will showcase the artwork of Odessits not only from Odessa, but  Odessits from Israel as well as USA.

From 15th  April till 1st may, you will be able see a retrospective of paintings and graphic art, by representatives of the Odessa art academy, creating in the tradition of light, ratio of colors and tones. This exhibition presents a great pallet in which various artists showcase their diverse work.

In the work of Leonid Gorban Odessa played a dominant role. He created in the technique of woodcut and etching a large number of excellent artworks about his native city on the black sea. Besides he was a master of book graphics.

Gregory Palatnikov provided us more than 40 graphic works for the exhibition, which show the life of Odessa and its atmosphere. Palatnikov’s graphic art is a musical poetry, temperamental and calling to comprehend the depth of philosophy and art history. It is a synthesis of modern graphical manner, which has absorbed the tradition of drawing as the basis of society’s culture visualization.

For our little visitors, but also for the adults, we invited Eugenia Alexandrova  to participate in our exhibition. Due to her vibrant fantasy, which is reflected in her artwork, you will be redirected to the magical world of fairy tales characters and animals, to the world of kindness and inspiration.

Watercolor artwork of the american Odessit, Constantine Silin, filled with sunlight and bright colors, depict Odessa’s streets and architecture in all its glory. And paintings by Tatiana Belokonenko are early works which were created before her immigration to Israel. Among them there is a great Artwork “Odessa’s roofs” which is made in the technique of batik. Roof subject of the old city has always attracted Tatiana.

Seascape and the marina – a special genre in painting – is very important to the artist Vladimir Shinkarevsky, who spent most of his life in Odessa, before moving to Israel. Looking at his paintings, the observer is relocated to the shores of the Black Sea and is able to breathe the fresh sea air.

Shimon Garmize was a gifted as well as a talented artist and teacher. The The theme of war, the Jewish fate and the Holocaust are reflected in his paintings, which are included in the collections of leading Israeli museums. In the exhibition OdessAviv you can see his several unique artwork that were provided by the artist’s relatives out of their private collection.

Besides in the exhibition the famous clowns of Ukraine’s honored artist Nikolaj Prokopenko will smile at you. Some foreign critics call this artist “Ukrainian Picasso”. Many of his works are included in the museum collections of Ukraine. Some are in the National Library of France, Netherland, Poland, in galleries and private collections in Germany, Spain, Romania, Greece and Switzerland. More than 66 museums and galleries in the world are happy owners of his paintings and we are delighted that his artwork enrich our exhibition.

If you want to see this wonderful selection of artwork by those great artists from Odessa, as well as to feel the spirit of the “pearl by the black sea”, you must visit the exhibition of artists from Odessa in Ein Hod.

  • Konstantin Silin - OdessAviv - Ein Hod

    Konstantin Silin - OdessAviv - Ein Hod

  • Grigorij Palatnikov - OdasAviv- Ein Hod

    Grigorij Palatnikov - OdasAviv- Ein Hod

  • Eugenia Alexandrova - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

    Eugenia Alexandrova - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

  • Konstantin Silin - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

    Konstantin Silin - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

  • Leonid Gorban - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

    Leonid Gorban - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

  • Nikolai Prokopenko - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

    Nikolai Prokopenko - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

  • Tatiana Belokonenko - Odasaviv - Ein Hod

    Tatiana Belokonenko - Odasaviv - Ein Hod

  • Vladimir Shinkoreskij - OdasAviv - Ein Hod

    Vladimir Shinkoreskij - OdasAviv - Ein Hod


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