Jewelry Designer

Tel: 972-4-9841707, 972-4-9840204, 972-50-8237781

Lives and works in Ein Hod Artists’ Village, Israel.

Her works sell among Galleries and Museum stores such as the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Scribble Museum in Los Angeles and the Jewish Museum in New York.

Her jewelry combines ethnic motifs with contemporary design and old and modern materials: Sterling silver, Titanium, Gold, Glass beads, and ancient semi- precious stones,

Her work sells to collectors, museum stores and design galleries.

Born in Rosh Pina, Israel.

1978 – Graduated The Art Teachers college in Herzelia, Israel.

One of the founders of “Eight Together” Ceramic Studio in Jerusalem.

1983 – Started to design and create jewelry. Her work is an integration of ethnic and contemporary designs. She combines ancient silver and glass with Sterling silver, Titanium and Gold.
1993 – Participated in representative exhibition of Israeli craft in Japan.
1994 – One person show of her jewelry in the “Design Gallery” in Ein Hod.
1998 – Her art works was given as an official gift to president Clinton’s wife and daughter on their visit to Israel.
2004- participated in selected shows in Chicago, White-Plains and a privet show in mount Kisko
2005- participated in a selected shows in Chicago, Detroit and White- Plains.
2006,2007, 2008 participated in selected shows in Chicago and White-Plains.

Participated in a selected show by the Women’s Zionist Organization in L.A.