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Nadav Bloch


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new Exhibition at Janco Dada Musioum – Cutout-Line

Cutout-Line The “Cutout-Line” project comprises two series of exhibitions of cutouts from various materials. One series is a collection of three solo exhibitions and installations are site-specific and displayed on the changing exhibitions gallery of the museum. The second series,

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New Exhibition at Ein Hod Gallery: Avivit Segal / Traces

Curator: Daniella Talmor The photographs in the exhibition Traces of the artist Avivit Segal focus on the meeting between concrete photography and abstract imagery. The white expanse incurred by overexposure is of great significance in her work. It mediates between

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New exhibition – Uri Radovan – Skinwash, Esther Naor I Do Not See the Sky

Janco-Dada Museum

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Creatures – Dina Merhav’s exhibition in Oly’s Garden

Dina Merhav’s exhibition in Oly’s Garden. Ein Hod,  January 2014 – January 2015 “After working on several themes such as Angels and Closets, the Creatures emerged from my imagination and occupied me totally. These sculptures surfaced from my subconscious. Their origin

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Ready-Set-Go, The Centennial of the first Ready-Made


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