Ziva Kainer, Visiting Artist in Dusseldorf, Concluding Exhibit, “Bench Stories”

On Friday, June 6, 2017, in the visiting artists studio in Dusseldorf Ziva Kainer from Ein Hod opened her concluding exhibition within the framework of the artists exchange program.


Ziva Kainer began drawing and painting “Bench Stories” upon her landing at the studio, and we indeed catch just a glimpse of the exhibit from afar. Upon her return to the studio after many years she met and wandered around with friends and to places that aroused within her memories of the past and which joined new, exciting experiences. To our joy our friend Wilfred Neuse, who coincidentally had just returned from a visit in Ein Hod, was asked to be curator and companion, thus continuing the Ein Hod stories in Dusseldorf.


A few words about the exhibit: “Bench Stories”


Everything is personal. Here in Dusseldorf I am walking…but I have to rest…and there are plenty of benches where I can sit and observe…others who are sitting.

To think about who may have spent the night here…very personal stories.

And time also to look at nature.

From this the exhibit was born

And how it is that I painted a picture that reminds of our hill, and I am sitting there together with my dog Lady. Lower down in the painting the garden keeper is sitting.

I swear that he was there

I only passed a brush over him

From what I have seen in many exhibits that I have visited, artists seem to compete with other to be more surprising

to the observers, in order to cause them to open their mouths in wonder

I only ask that they open their hearts

Because it all came from the heart