Susanne Hill – Visiting Artist from Dusseldorf

Susanne Hill, installation/performance artist and soprano, was invited to Ein Hod within the framework of the 35 year old artists’ exchange between Ein Hod Artists Village and the city of Dusseldorf. Susanne prepared two creations during her stay in Ein Hod. “Ma’agal – Da’ira” (Circle—in Hebrew and Arabic) was created especially for her exhibition “Come from the Village, Return to the Village,” that was presented at the Janco Dada Museum in Ein Hod.


The object: “Lullabies,” songs of longing that pour forth from the suitcases of wandering, recorded by Susanne together with an Israeli and Palestinian friend was presented in the Ein Hod Gallery in a joint exhibition with her partner the artist Bernhard Kucken, of the Dusseldorf Academy. The exhibit dealt with human conflict, from the days of prehistoric man, whose caves are located near Ein Hod, using masks, sculpture and video.


The central theme if the works of Susanne is the critical and unending struggle of mankind  with the basic problems of existence, with lack of justice and the wrongs of society. She expresses these problems in her art through song, dance and movement.


The work “Ma’agal – Da’ira” is an unending circular journey that deals with birth, life and death. The performance, which combines song, dance and movement, addresses these themes through repetitive movement.


Susanne Hill sings about existence, growth and death, about spring, summer, fall and winter, about being a seed that becomes a flower, about losing life and lying on the earth with the expectation of the coming of the cycle of the next life. All the songs and musical segments refer to the subject of her work.


The installation lasts about twenty minutes but can continue indefinitely, as befits the subject. She is dressed in a gown upon which is a painting by the artist Bernhard Kucken, which transforms her into a multi-shaped being. As she moves and changes positions she sings: in Latin “O nobilissimia viriditas” by Hildegarde von Binan, an Italian song from a Mozart opera, A French political song about cherries, an English song “Why Do People Fight,” by Henry Purcell, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” in various languages, and in German “Man of the Music Box,” by Franz Schubert.


About Susanne: She is a graduate of the Academy of Art of Neuss, and the Music Academy in Detmold in the field of classical music. From the completion of her studies until today she creates in the fields of performance, installation, voices, music from different periods and singing under the title “Lautkunst,” – whose meaning in German is art in a loud voice.