Karin Dorre – Visiting Artist from Dusseldorf

image010Karin Dorr visited Ein Hod as part of the artist exchange program between Ein Hod and Dusseldorf. Alongside her dynamic works of art Karin is very active in the BBK artist’s association, which hosted Ein Hod at a special comprehensive exhibition celebrating 30 years of the artist exchange project. She is also an exhibits curator and producer of international projects. She has exhibited throughout the world and won numerous prizes.


She visited Ein Hod twice as part of the artists exchange program. Her first visit came shortly after a great forest fire that damaged the village, leading her to concentrate on charcoal drawings and paintings that were influenced by the consequences of the fire. On her second visit, together with excursions around Ein Hod and the surroundings, she “set sail” on her thoughts; and this was the subject of the body of her large work, “Mental Maps.”


I am Karin Dörre, Guest Artist from Düsseldorf and stay in the Guest Studio
until June 30th.


In Düsseldorf I am painting and drawing, here in Ein Hod I am drawing and
doing collage. I am thinking about “Maps” and the individual interpretation,
try to find out about “Mental Maps”. This subject is for me like a new
experiment, ”try to find the way like a walk in a unknown landscape”. The
last time my main subject was “landscape”.


It is three years ago when I stayed the first time as an artist in residence
in Ein Hod, now I am happy to be here again!

Here is my website: http://www.karin-doerre.com

I am member of the head of the BBK Düsseldorf (Artist Association,
www.bbk-kunstforum.de). There I am organizing
and curating some projects and exhibitions, especially with Central-America.
At the moment I am organizing a project with the title “Visualization
Humboldt” with 4 artists from Nicaragua and 4 artists from BBK. Especially
for this project I am also writing a bilingual (german-spanish) website:

Some info about my C.V:
* 2014 Artprize of the XI. Bienal Internacional de la Acuarela
(Bienial for Watercolor) in the Museum „Alfredo Guati Rojo“, Mexiko-City
* 2009 Artprize “Kulturpreis Kreis Mettmann” for drawing
* 2009 Artprize of the Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum Hilden

I would be glad if you can call me in the studio, or write email:

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