Gunter Krajewski – Vising Artists from Dusseldorf

In 2002 Gunter was a visitor in Ein Hod. He visited again for the second time in 2017. Upon his return he walked around Ein Hod as if he had come home.  With his camera he documented the Now as it compared with memories of the past, collecting objects and thoughts and working in the studio on several projects, that perhaps (perhaps not) would be completed before the end of his stay. But it is the process that is important.

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In Dusseldorf Gunter lives and works in a sdistrict of workshops along the river. He exhibited in many exhibitions throughout Germany and Europe, working with drawing, painting, wax and perishable materials, works on paper and carton, aerial photography and topographic sketches. One of the most important and influential elements of the special connection between Ein Hod and Dusseldorf is continuity – and there is added value in the flow of artists for additional visits. And artists from artists from Ein Hod and from Dusseldorf have proved this.

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