Christoph Koren – Visiting Artist from Dusseldorf in Ein Hod

Christoph Koren

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“Christoph Koren is a visiting artist in Ein Hod as part of the exchange of artists within the framework of the artists’ exchange between Ein Hod Artists Village and the city of Dusseldorf. He exhibits the work “Kairos”, which he created during his stay in the village. The work is composed of the screening on a wall of video pictures of the sky from different places in Israel, while on the floor is laid a stone taken from Mt Carmel. From the stone emerges a changing human voice, representing various body parts.


The name of the work is ‘Kairos’  (καιρός), a word of ancient Greek origin meaning ‘at the hour’ or “moment, which is to say, at the correct or proper time. The work ‘Kairos’ refers to the deep memory at the utopian heart of the three great monotheistic religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. At this utopian heart the idea of salvation and corporeal integrity is formed. According to the artist’s concept Israel and Palestine are places where hopes and expectations are historically intertwined, one with the other. Examples of sound and photographs were collected from a dozen different sites. Part of the sites are more sensitive and well known from the political or religious point of view – the Sea of Galilee, Ramallah, the Jezreel Valley, the West Bank, Golan Heights, etc.  In each of the places Koren creates documentary examples of sound in addition to the moving sky from the position of a stationary camera.


Reference to the human body in them work relates to the concept of “face” as developed by the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, and Koren broadens this concept to include all parts of the body. The ‘face’ according to Levinas is not simply a part of the body but a metaphor for the way in which another person reveals his very presence. In the natural relationship between the I and the Other, the other person presents his presence through his face and arouses responsibility toward him by means of speech.


Photographs of the sky refer to the concept of salvation as it is understood in the Christian and Jewish traditions. The messiah will arrive – even in the imagination of a child –from the sky. This can occur at any moment, at any time, at any Kairos. The words of Walter Benjamin in his article ‘About the Concept of History’:  For every moment there is a small gate through which the Messiah may enter and come.”


Nitzan Shoval-Knights, Curator

Production: Suedwestrundfunk, 2016
Dramaturgy and Editing: Manfred Hess
The work was made possible in the framework of the Artist Exchange Program Duesseldorf/Ein Hod
Supported by the Goethe-Institut Tel Aviv and the Goethe-Institut Ramallah
Voices: Karima Ann Alloush, Anouk Boerschmann, Gabriela Boerschmann, Lovena Boerschmann, Gill Bushinsky, Shadi Dweik, Avraham Eilat, Ala’ Ereiqat, Tali Gil, Aseel Abu Hasan, Ronen Hazoum, Editte Galli Heyne, Hiba Iseed, Ayman Jamous, Christoph Korn, Doron Jodan, Zwi Lazar, Ahmad Mawasy, Nabhn Mawasy, Ahmad Salous, Pater Nikodemus Claudius Schnabel, Naseer Shalash, Yuval Weintraub, Azhar Abu Zayyad