Bernhard Kucken – Visiting Artist from Dusseldorf

Bernhard Kucken, sculptor and sketch artist, was born in Dusseldorf in 1960. Since 2003 he has been on the faculty of the important Dusseldorf Academy of Art, where he conducts a unique workshop.


Kucken is a founding member of the group of artists “Cement-Box,” which maintains a work/exhibition relationship with the “Alfred” artist cooperative in Tel Aviv. In this framework an exhibition called “Continuum” was presented in Tel Aviv at the time of his visit in Israel.


Here in Ein Hod, in addition to his usual work in drawing he concentrated on two special projects:

  1. Research and reference to the parallel existence of Neanderthal and modern man (Homo sapiens) forth thousand years ago. The inspiration for this work came from the fact that Neander Valley in Germany is located near his home. Here, the proximity of caves of prehistoric man to Ein Hod adds another aspect to his interest in this subject.
  2. Construction of a ball comprised of many people, which is a continuation of a creation he began in Germany. The base upon which the sculpted figures are affixed is composed of branches that he collected in Ein Hod.


These projects, which combined drawing, objects and multi-media, results of the impressions that he gathered during his residence at Ein Hod, were exhibited at the Ein Hod Gallery and the Janco Dada Museum.


He also participated with his partner Susanne Hill, an artist who combines in her work performance, installation, singing and elements of sound, in an exhibit in the Ein Hod Gallery.