The Ein Hod Artists Village is the “crown jewel” of Hof HaCarmel, one of the loveliest regions in Israel.

The picturesque village is nestled in the midst of the region, sloping down from the green hills of Mount Carmel, toward the blue of the sea coast below.

Situated in the center the Israel, Hof HaCarmel Regional Council extends along the sea shore from the ancient city of Caesarea to the outskirts Haifa, the capital of the north.

The region is rich in olive groves and fruit orchards, many of which are organically grown, vineyards, banana plantations, and endless fields of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Hof HaCarmel is composed of little villages, small towns, kibbutzim and Druze and Arab villages, all lying in the splendor of a natural well-nurtured environment. It is rich in cultural, historical and tourist attractions with very little industry, thus boasting a high quality of life.



Among the many historical and cultural attractions: Mount Carmel’s pre-historic caves, Atlit Ma’apilim (Illegal Immigration) Camp, ancient and modern Caesarea, several archaeology museums, “Hamizgaga”, Rali Museum, Shuni fortress, Caesarea historical museum, Janco Dada art museum, and Ein Hod Artists Village, with its abundance of art and cultural activities, as well as galleries, artists’ studios, workshops and artistic boutiques that can be found in many of the villages and towns in the region.

Tourist attractions range from nature reserves, outdoor activities such as sea sports and boating, hiking and bike tracks, sky diving, horseback riding, jeep tours, to wellness retreats and spiritual activities, as well as wine tasting and the experience of a diversified regional, Mediterranean and middle eastern kitchen, boasting both popular and gourmet cooking.